Methods of Distributing Aid Among Students

Financial aid is awarded based on an academic year or award year as defined on a program-by-program basis at the school. Disbursement of aid varies by the type of assistance.

Federal Aid

The International Sports Sciences Association notifies the borrower by email of the anticipated date and amount of the loan disbursement and the student’s right to cancel all or part of the loan or disbursement and procedures and time by which the student must notify the school that he or she wishes to cancel the loan or disbursement. 

International Sports Sciences Association disburses financial aid funds to eligible students in one disbursement per quarter. The first disbursement of Federal Direct Loan funds for a first-year, first-time borrower will be 30 days after the first day of the first attended class. Financial aid funds will be applied first to institutional charges. The remaining balance will be mailed to the student in the form of a paper check.

Students may provide International Sports Sciences Association with written authorization to hold any credit balance created by Federal Student Aid funds on account. Federal Pell Grant funds will be held until the end of the award year, while Federal Direct Loans will be held until the end of the Academic Year. If explicitly stated in the student's authorization, those funds may be used to cover other allowable institutional charges incurred in the Award Year or Academic Year. Any Federal Student Aid funds still on account at the end of their respective year will be returned to the Federal Direct Loan programs to reduce student debt . Funds will be returned to their Direct Unsubsidized Loans prior to their Direct Subsidized Loans. Any funds that can not be returned to a student loan because there is no balance to reduce will be issued directly to the student via check.

Financial Aid awards accepted by the student are disbursed by the business office and will appear as a payment on the student portal/POPULI as a direct credit reducing the balance due. Financial aid funds that exceed institutional charges create a credit balance that will be issued directly to the student via mailed check or held on account if a student has provided written authorization to do so. Students may review their pending charges, pending aid, invoices, payments and balances in the Financial tab of their Populi online student portal.

State Aid

State Aid is distributed to students who meet the eligibility criteria as described in the specific state aid program requirements. Students should call the financial aid office for additional information on available state aid programs.

Institutional Aid (Scholarships)

The school may offer various types of scholarships to students enrolled in specific programs of study or who have met the published criteria. The number of scholarship recipients varies from year to year depending on the funding available and the number of eligible applicants. For additional information on available institutional scholarships, students should contact the Financial Aid Office at the school. Students are also encouraged to seek additional scholarship programs not administered or awarded by the school.