Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a U.S. federal law that gives students access to their records and protects the privacy of their education records. International Sports Sciences Association may not disclose personally identifiable information about students or allow inspection of their education records without written permission unless such action is covered by certain exceptions permitted by the act.

Once a student has registered for courses at International Sports Sciences Association, all rights provided by FERPA rest with the student even if the student is younger than 18 years old. This applies regardless of country of residence or citizenship.

FERPA grants five basic rights to you as a student:

• To inspect and review the information maintained in your student record.

• To seek an amendment to your records and in certain cases add a statement to the record.

• To consent to disclosure of his/her records (with exceptions).

• To obtain a copy of the institution’s policy.

• To file a complaint with the Department of Education if International Sports Sciences Association fails to comply with FERPA Policies.

Family Policy Compliance Office U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW.
Washington, DC 20202-4605

Directory Information

Directory Information may be released without written authorization. FERPA defines Directory Information as being information not generally considered harmful such as name, address, enrollment status, telephone, e-mail, place of birth, degree, and awards, etc. 

International Sports Sciences Association considers the following to be directory information:

• Student's name

• Address

• Telephone number

• E-mail address

• Date and place of birth

• Major field of study

• Enrollment status

• Dates of attendance and graduation

• Degrees, honors, and awards received

If you decide to request that your directory information not be disclosed, please send a request for a Directory Information Block via email to your Program Advisor. The request must come from the email address specified in your student record and must include your student ID for us to process it.

Non-Directory Information

Non-Directory Information may only be released to third parties (including parents, spouses, and siblings) with written authorization. If a third-party tuition assistance agreement requires International Sports Sciences Association to report grades or academic status, only the information required by the agreement will be reported (e.g., Military Tuition Assistance, VA benefits). Some examples of non-directory information are:

• Race, ethnicity, and citizenship

• Grades, GPA, course schedule

• Documents required for admission

• Billing or Financial Aid Information

Giving Access to a Third-Party

You may sign a Third-Party Authorization Form to allow FERPA protected information to be released to a third party. To request the form, email your Program Advisor. The request must come from the email address in your student record and must include your student ID for us to process it.