AS-ES Program Curriculum

The Strategy to Get You There

Your coursework includes 6 individual personal training certification courses that fulfill your core requirements and up to 5 more as electives. After successfully completing the coursework for your first personal training course, you'll be qualified to begin training. And as you progress in the degree program, your fitness qualifications grow, positioning you for pay raises and increased clientele. Imagine working your way through school doing what you love!


Credit Requirement Breakdown

  • 30 Core (must be completed through the College of Exercise Science)

  • 30 General Education (can be transferred in)

  • 30 Electives (can be transferred in)

Course Descriptions

Course Session Breakdown

Students can take a maximum of 18 credits per quarter

The College of Exercise Science accepts up to 60 credits in transfer toward the associate degree program.

At least 30 credits must be earned as structured undergraduate coursework (not self-paced) specifically through the College of Exercise Science.

Self-paced ISSA certification courses may be transferred in with successful passing of corresponding competency exams (maximum of 2).

$0 for Textbooks!

A digital version of the textbook is embedded in each course as a provision of Library Services. Unrestricted access is available seven days prior to the start of class and throughout the quarter. That means there is no added cost for textbooks! 

Students who wish to purchase hardcopy textbooks can purchase books from a vendor of their choosing. Textbooks are listed in the course syllabus, which is made available to students seven days prior to the start of class.

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