We offer free Certification textbooks to our students!

free from any charge or s/h fee

Textbooks are often cited as being one of the biggest financial burdens felt by students. For our Core classes (200 level certifications) we want to offer students the tools to succeed without having to factor in the extra cost to their monthly bills or financial aid.

  • textbooks are sent out a few weeks before the quarter begins to those who qualify; please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping
  • If you don't have your book/s by the week before classes, you can email Shea:
    • sohearn@issaonline.edu

All other courses, as well as the certifications have Ebooks which are available in the online classroom - and can be accessed offline by using the Vitalsource Bookshelf app. 

Who qualifies for free textbooks:

  • Those taking certification courses at the 200 level*
  • Those who have signed their enrollment agreement
  • Those whose current address is in: 50 US states / Washington DC / US territories (no APO's, etc.) 

*200 level = all Associates degree and vocational program certifications (+ some Bachelor's degree level)