What Awards Can I Expect?

What types of grants and loans does ISSA offer?

ISSA participates in two Federal Student Aid (FSA) programs: Pell Grants and Direct Loans. This video may be a helpful introduction to both.

This video covers some things you want to consider before deciding to borrow a Direct Loan.

To put students in the best position to succeed after graduation, they are highly encouraged to borrow only the amount necessary to complete your educational program.

NOTE: New students may only take one course (or PD102 and HIT135) their first quarter. Students who complete their first quarter with a term GPA of at least 2.0 may take up to 18 credits per quarter during subsequent terms.



FSA funds alone are insufficient to cover a student's entire first quarter tuition.

Please be prepared to have some out-of-pocket cost during your first quarter.


If you have questions regarding tuition assistance, please contact our Financial Aid department.