Withdrawal Procedures

Dropping or Withdrawing from a Course

Students are asked to discuss dropping a course with their Program Advisor. A student may drop a course without receiving a “W” if they drop by the last day of the first week of class. The final withdrawal deadline is the end of the 3rd week in a 5-week course and the end of the 6th week in a 10-week course. Students who officially withdraw from a course before the final withdrawal deadline will receive a “W.” Beyond the final withdrawal deadline, grades will be calculated as points earned, divided by the total course points. All deadlines are in the institution’s time zone.

The refund procedure and schedule described above shall apply to all drops and withdrawals. For veteran students, the VA Office will be notified of all dropped courses or withdrawals

Withdrawing from the School

Official Withdrawal: Students can request withdrawal from the school in any manner. California state statutes require that students verify cancellation in writing. Therefore, please supplement any verbal requests with written notice within 30 days. Written notice can be in any form including email (billing@issaonline.edu), fax (1-805-830-1189) or mail (1015 Mark Ave, Carpinteria, CA 93013).

Unofficial Withdrawal: Students who cease attendance and do not provide official notification of their intent to continue in their classes may be considered for administrative withdrawal.